Wednesday, December 29, 2021

 20 Confirmations/Signs 
California Mega Earthquake
an Tsunami

These prophecies did not come to pass as expected, in 2022. The confirmations where so incredible, that one wonders if this wound up being a delayed judgment because of the prayers of God's people.


The California Yom Kippur dream
7/14/17 (8 signs in one)

On July 14th, 2017 I had a dream of when the California mega quake is coming, and with 8 prophetic signs backing this dream, as well as 2 prophecies inside the dream that were already, fulfilled in 2018 and 2020, now we await the 3rd prophecy inside the dream, the California Mega Quake! 
(more details here)


The amazing 5.22  numerical sign,
a double foretelling,
the time of the mega quake.

In August of 2021, it was revealed to me that inside the California Yom Kippur dream is a major sign, double foretelling the date of the mega quake coming, in an incredible numerical sign from of all things, my phone, the instrument of telling the time, in this case, the prophetic time. (more details here)


The 12 Tsunami/Earthquake Testimonies...

... of the tsunami and mega quake coming, several of which, are pointing to end of summer/ early fall time they were shown, which matches all the other signs here of the Sept/Oct time to watch! (more details here)


The 711/77 Answered Prayer Signs

An amazing Holy Spirit day of signs answering my prayer to confirm the California Yom Kippur dream, & on the day I prayed it would happen! (more details here).


Every 7 years, the Shemitah

the next one occurring September/October 2022, the time I was shown of the tsunami and mega quake coming (more details here).

Confirmation #6

The Nascar #22, 7 year countdown to 2022

Numerous Nascar Signs for 2022 and one sign even confirming the exact time given in the California Yom Kippur dream, also showing an amazing 7 year countdown from 2015 to 2021 (more details here).


Numerous #22,#222 & 911 signs given.

Many of these signs were given to me on a mission trip to California in 2009, all that time, God showing me 2022. These are like over 20 signs wrapped up in one, foretelling the year of the mega quake, for 2022 
(more details here)


The Two Number 7 Cows

Miraculously appearing on the same day,  the opening day of the 2014/2015 Shemitah year, pointing to 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine, paralleling Genesis 41.
(more details here)



Let every word be established in the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses” 2 Cor 13:1

Another 2 witnesses. Prophetically anointed, Liberty, foretells in 2020, that Californians only had 2 days (2 years)  to get out of California, as well as the testimony of Ernesto Elias, showing 2022 is the year! 
(more details here).


Signs From This Blog

 I had to recently add this one in. This blog, the 17 confirmations, has had in its own, numerical signs given that I found hard to ignore. It’s also opened me up to do more research of God setting significant week markers on the time of the tsunami and mega quake and what I discovered here was quite fascinating.  (more details here).

Confirmation #11

 TWO Exact date pattern signs given

This sign incredibly, foretold 2 separate exact dates, as a pattern and confirmation of what to expect, the tsunami, then mega quake weeks apart (more details here).


California Yom Kippur book signs 

 1st publishing of book, 1st mailing of book, finish review of book, and other signs surrounding the California Yom Kippur book. (more details here).

                          CONFIRMATION #13

 The Prophetic Conference dreams

While visiting a  4 day, advanced prophetic conference in May of 2021, God didn't waist any time of my inquiry in seeking him for any corrections I needed to make in this ministry's prophecy. 2 dreams came, back to back, the 1st night confirming this 911quake prophetic calling (more details here).


The 9/12/21 Vineyard Church Confirmations

Previously, I was getting a number of signs to watch for the Japan tsunami to wreck the US west coast and those signs were pointing to a date, 9/12/22, so this meeting at the Vineyard church confirmed it, in more ways than one, why God was showing me September 12th, which will either be the day the tsunami hits or close to it  (more details here).

SIGN #15

The #22 Lottery Billboard Signs

God detests the sin of gambling, but hold onto your hat. These number signs are quite the stir to watch for 2022 (more detail here) 


The Kickoff Return Dream

God prophesying thru this dream from way back in 2012, that he would return me to the west coast to warn, with numerical signs inside this dream confirming.(more details here).


Prophetic Dream - "In 2 Days"

This was an earthquake prophetic dream I had of the coming economic collapse, and also the toppling of mega church economy, and a  direct reference to the October 5th date, now the 6th reference to it,  in the list herein 
(more details here).

The 18th Confirmation
2/21/22 edit
A newly developed 2022 Nascar prophetic event

Just like I said in 2021, to watch for in the Nascar signs blog linked above (#6 sign), as a sign of the California mega quake coming in October 2022, this one just recently came to pass and even more confirmed in this set of signs here. 

Confirmation 19
(8/7/22 edit)
California Warning Tour Signs

While in California, warning people of the mega quake coming, I received numerous signs. Here are a few of the strongest signs while on that 8 month long tour
(more details here).

Confirmation # 20 

(8/7/22 edit)
The Countdown

This one should blow the skull right off your mind. These are a set of some of the strongest signs, a volcano explosion, an earthquake, floods and other signs on key dates, all confirming the Japan mega quake Tsunami to also wreck the US west coast. These physically manifested signs, are a countdown and are pointing to the day to be on watch. 
(more details here)

Some of these signs and confirmations are quite incredible, that when taken as a whole, there is no doubt about it folks, CA is getting mega quaked.